YachtSpot Marine

Yachtspot’s range of professional, marine grade, 4G and WiFi Internet routers are the preferred choice of many of the world’s top superyacht yards and installers. Created for the professional installer, Yachtspot comes with every option you will ever need and real support when you need it. It’s great for the owner and the crew too, really simple to use.

YachtSpot 4G+WiFi is a reliable wireless Internet solution for use in the marina or near shore, with options providing worldwide coverage of 4G and 3G frequencies and WiFi connectivity in one feature rich device.

Our NEW YachtSpot PRO model goes one step further allowing the integration of other marine Internet routers such as V-SAT, or Fleet Broadband, enabling end users to easily switch between a range of Internet connection technologies.

Yachtspot is manufactured using only high quality, tough, seaworthy, professional hardware, designed to ensure your boat’s network logs on, and stays on.

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Ultra fast 4G:
Easy to use interface with clear instructions and explanatory icons Click to scan, select, connect Advanced firewall Support for WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption
Traffic encryption Professional
802.11abgn WiFi
NEMA 67 rated, die-cast aluminium case with IP67 waterproof fittings Internet Control Centre Integration with FleetBroadband