“Advanced software designed to get you online quickly…”

Yachtspot PRO and Yachtspot 4G+ WiFi are the latest arrivals in the Yachtspot family. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the marine leisure industry the NEW Yachtspot PRO and Yachtspot 4G+ WiFi build on the success of Yachtspot WiFi, combining WiFi with 4G connectivity in one feature rich, professional device.

Easy learning curve

Our Mobile+ products will be familiar to our many current users of the WiFi only product. Yachtspot PRO and Yachtspot 4G+ WiFi carry forward our commitment to simplify operation for the end user.

Yachtspot’s ease of use features such as our updatable list of the world’s mobile network provider’s connection details, the ability to save the details of your favourite networks plus lots of feedback and useful information using explanatory icons and status updates during scanning and logon means users can easily select and connect to the best performing networks.

Simple to use but still highly capable

For the installer many of the most popular options of business class firewalls are available, there is extensive logging, and some unique ‘Yacht class’ additions to help you keep your clients connected.

Performance enhancements

Yachtspot’s DNS Blaster™ technology enables you to surf the net faster! DNS Blaster™ speeds up Internet browsing by querying several DNS servers simultaneously and returning the first reply received, resulting in requests for web pages going out much quicker, especially on slow and lossy networks. DNS Blaster™ works with both Mobile and WiFi technologies.

Support for carrier approved firmware

In the US and Canada 4G network providers test and authorise mobile devices for use on their networks. This provides the customer with the reassurance that they will get a predictable performance from their device and a reliable service with that specific carrier. Should you require support from the carrier using an authorised device means that they can be sure that a device specific issue isn’t the cause of your problem, for instance, using an EU device on a US network. It is also often a requirement that you use an authorised device for data contract deals.

Changing to a different carrier approved firmware is a simple process


Yachtspot WiFi, Yachtspot 4G+ WiFi, and the NEW Yachtspot PRO are the ONLY professional WiFi routers for the marine market that encrypt your WiFi Internet traffic! * (subject to an annual subscription).

Using open WiFi has always carried the risk that your Internet activities can be listened to. It’s a complex subject, but what is sure is that by routing your traffic over a VPN those risks are eliminated. Yachtspot WiFi, Yachtspot 4G+ WiFi, and our NEW Yachtspot 4G+ PRO all feature SafeSurf VPN ™ which can fully encrypt your WiFi traffic to our secure VPN servers.

Yachtspot provides security to the on-board network. It’s not a bridge like a wireless access point, which shares the IP subnet with the entire marina, but a router which uses network address translation and a business class firewall with stateful inspection to create a separated on-board network.


Yachtspot can partner with other IP devices such as VSAT and Fleet Broadband, providing integrated support for a range of methods to connect to the Internet, allowing the owner, and crew members, to manage multiple Internet connection devices easily.

Information is power

If you need to contact the Hotspot operator or mobile network provider all the information you need is there on the ‘Status’ and ‘Info’ pages, your network information, your IMEI, IMSI, ICCID, telephone number and much more.

If things go wrong

And finally if the worst happens, to help us, to help you get up and running as quickly as possible, we created the ‘support pack’ which provides us with a comprehensive overview of your Yachtspot’s sub systems. You can create a support pack on the ‘About’ page and send it to us. We are just a few clicks away.

"Advanced software designed to get you online quickly..."


Since we switched to using Yachtspot our jobs have become a lot easier and our customers a lot happier...
Must say you have been fantastic. Thanks very much, and thanks for your time
I'm happy to report that our Yachtspot is functioning well the Captain is very happy... no problems onboard at all.
Love you product - the best I've seen and even impressed one of the founders of SUN Microsystems when it was shown to them
Sir, I have used one of your units on my previous vessel and found it to be exceptional.