Product News

Announcing YachtSpot G3 – One world - One device

1 November 2016

The world’s first truly global, professional, 4G single module solution for the marine leisure industry from Inventicamarine, the industry leader in marine mobile and WiFi.

Key features:

• Carrier approved firmware switching
• Global 4G support

Announcing the next generation of YachtSpot 4G+ WiFi & YachtSpot PRO – Yachtspot G2

12 November 2015

Following a year of extensive research and development, the YachtSpot team is proud to announce a major hardware upgrade for its YachtSpot PRO and YachtSpot 4G+ WiFi models along with full US and EMEA 4G compatibility.

Key features:
• New improved WiFi module with wider frequency and protocol support for 802.11 a/b/g/n networks on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
• Ultrafast 4G. We now fully support the latest LTE E-UTRA.
• Greater frequency/protocol support on mobile networks
• US and EMEA models with FCC and CE approvals

Announcing Yachtspot PRO

14 November 2014

Introducing Yachtspot PRO – all your Internet all in one place

Switch between Yachtspot’s 4G and WiFi, and your other Satellite or fixed line connections using one feature rich device designed specifically for the marine leisure industry. Checkout Yachtspot PRO on YouTube

Announcing Yachtspot 4G+ WiFi

9 September 2013

It’s been nearly two years since we started development of our Yachtspot Mobile [3G] solution. Today we are pleased to announce our latest version Yachtspot 4G+ WiFi.

Our determination to produce the finest Mobile solution for the Yacht market has meant it’s been a very long and sometimes difficult road getting here. What can we say, apart from, we are very pleased with the result. Check YachtSpot 4G+ on YouTube

What's new in Yachtspot v5?

12 September 2011

Yachtspot v5 builds yet further on the features that were introduced in Yachtspot Marine WiFi v2, v3, and v4, with exciting new innovations such as our Safe Surf
VPN™ service, and DNS Blaster™!

When you require the ultimate in network security and confidentiality on your wireless network, Yachtspot’s new Safe Surf VPN™ service is ready to encrypt,
and securely tunnel your Internet traffic to our VPN endpoint servers, avoiding the dangers of network sniffing associated with open wireless networks.

DNS Blaster™ speeds up your Internet browsing by querying several DNS servers simultaneously and returning the first reply, resulting in requests for web pages going out much quicker, especially on slow and lossy networks.

Along with numerous small improvements, we have also added useful new features such as an NTP server, DHCP reservations, and ‘extensive debugging’.

You can see demonstrations of all the v5 enhancements on our YachtspotWiFi Youtube channel!

Can I upgrade to Yachtspot v5?

Yes, v5 firmware upgrade will be made available to existing YachtSpot v1-4 users on the 1st November 2011.

"What's new in YachtSpot v4?"

YachtSpot v4 builds on the features that were added in Yachtspot Marine WiFi v2, and v3, with further enhancements such as the ‘key list’ and ‘team connectors’ feature, which allows Yachtspot to partner with other IP Internet connection devices, e.g. 3G routers, etc… [connectors] and switch between them.

Teaming provides the installer with a centralised, structured solution which enables owners, and crew members, to manage multiple Internet connection devices easily. Teaming avoids the problems associated with having multiple DHCP servers on the LAN, it doesn’t require devices to be powered on, or off, it’s easy to use, and easy to understand.

To use teaming, Yachtspot must be running the only active DHCP server on the network. To configure, make sure all other DHCP servers are disabled, and all ‘connectors’ are set with a static IP address on the same subnet as the Yachtspot. Then enter the settings for each ‘connector’.

Teaming works by changing the Gateway, and DNS addresses supplied by DHCP, to those required to use the selected ‘connector’. A small executable is supplied to easily renew client settings.

"Can I upgrade to YachtSpot v4?"

Yes, our policy has always been to support existing clients, for as long as the hardware allows. All Yachtspot’s are eligible for a FREE firmware upgrade.

Please speak with your installer, or email us directly.